About Paul

Hello! I’m Paul, I design, build and manage websites.

I studied graphic communication at Plymouth University, UK. After graduating in 2019, I spent a year working as a graphic designer at a small, high street printers in Bath.

By this time, I’d already built websites for a few friends, but they were static webpages and difficult for them to edit. WordPress came as a recommendation and it took me in the direction of web development.

Between lockdowns in 2020, I moved to Spain with my partner and decided to take a shot at becoming a freelance website designer. It was the simplest route to finding people who needed website services.

Fast forward to today, and my journey has been nothing short of amazing. Many opportunities have led to successful branding, design, and development projects. The creativity the website design process offers is something I’m naturally drawn to and I enjoy every part of it.

Communication and the way information is presented is very important to me and it’s helped maintain long-term projects. Much of my experience and new skills have come from existing clients, simply by nurturing and encouraging their own ideas.


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Brentwood Physio

I recently had the pleasure of working with a web developer named Paul who truly exceeded my expectations. As someone who has had issues with previous developers, I was initially hesitant to entrust my project to another person. However, from the very beginning, Paul demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and commitment that quickly put me at ease.

Holding your Feet to the Fire

This is the third time I’ve hired Paul. Just like the last couple times I’ve worked with him, I’m impressed by his attention to detail, good communication and quality of work. He really makes an effort to understand what I’m looking for and I can tell that he’s focused on doing a great job.

Mended Roots

Paul is a rare gem! He’s a brilliant contractor and who communicates really well and simply gets his head around what you need and then delivers it to a very high standard. Paul is pragmatic, he takes your design vision and then makes it work in the real work in the most effective way possible. I am super happy with his work.

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